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Wednesday, May 23, 2018 
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Elks Indoor Tennis Center

ELKS TENNIS COMMITTEE                                                   August 7, 2009
P.O.  Box 20302
Billings, Montana 59104
Dear Tennis Community,
Help us Make the Dream of the Elks Tennis Center a Reality!!!
Thanks all who sent in their surveys and joined the Elks.  If you haven’t, please do (download @ billingstennis.org) asap.
The surveys are coming in over 90 % positive to join and contribute funds.  We have met our June 15th goal of 100 lifetime memberships  and contributions of $600,000+.   Send in your survey with support.   We would like to have over $800,000 in commitments from the tennis community by Sept  23rd.
We have reworked our Business Plan and based it on 250 members and a favorable General Bid.  Al Kersich, Exalted Ruler, presented it at the National Convention and is going through the application process to the Grand Lodge.   We are also filing the Special Review Documents with the City of Billings.  Corporate Sponsors who would get naming rights for the facility and each individual court, are being sought.  If you are interested in this opportunity or know someone who might be, please contact Pat Eastman @ 652-6693 or Eileen Pinkerton @ 656-6692.  We are really pleased by the broad support at the grass roots level.  This is an investment in our future!
There  are two very important meetings coming up.  The first is Wednesday, Aug 26 at 8 pm at the ELKS.  We will be voting on the proposal to tear down the existing outdoor patio to make room for the Tennis Center.  If you have joined,  PLEASE PLAN ON ATTENDING.   If you have not joined yet,  please  submit your application by Aug  25th so WE can vote you in at the meeting on the 26th, so YOU can vote at the next meeting!!!!!!!!!!
The second VIP meeting is Wed. Sept 23 at 8 pm at the ELKS.  The proposal to build the Tennis Center will be voted on by the entire lodge.  This approval is essential for the Grand Lodge Application and approval.  All tennis supporters need to be at that meeting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Your Action Plan :     1.    Send in your Survey
2.        Join the ELKS ASAP! ($94.50/yr)
3.        Attend the Aug 26th meeting at the Elks @ 8 pm
4.        Attend the Sept 23 meeting at the Elks @ 8 pm
(Dr. Dan Weaver, Joe Womack, Pat Eastman, Frank Witt, Eileen Pinkerton & Dave Pullis)
P.S.  The BTA Summer Programs are wrapping up with a catered Picnic at Central Park at 6 pm Aug 12th.  RSVP to Coach Peach at 248-3824, if you would like to attend.
P.S.S.  The Elks Lodge is operating their major Charity Fundraiser, Bingo at the Montana Fair.  Play Bingo at the Fair or volunteer to help by calling the Elks at  252-8407. 
P.S.S.  We will not ask for your funds until we get approval at the Grand Lodge, hopefully in October.  Get your checks ready.


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